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11 Career Mistakes I Regret Doing & Will Never Do Again

I have a fair share of career experiences, both good and bad. And going this far, I can personally call it a success. A small handful of these achievements I should credit to failures I’ve made in the past that have changed me. Although, some of these mistakes, I’ve learned life the hard way


”It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes”- Warren Buffet


1. Being unprepared for interviews. 


My very first awkward fails and a dose of how it feels like to be embarrassed were during job interviews. Save yourself from doing the same mistake. Being confident is helpful, but not preparing for it might result in a disaster. It sounds cliche, but it always pays to prepare. Abraham Lincoln once said, ” Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax. 


2. Missing deadlines.


I had terrible time management. I tend to underestimate how long I need to finish a task. The problem was that I kept failing without learning the lesson. I couldn’t finish the work on time. It just went over and over again, and that was very stressful.  

Result: Over-promising and under-delivering. It was just delaying everything. 


3. Taking my job for granted.


I think it is pretty common to be in this hole when you work at the same company or position for a long time, especially if you do the same tasks and routine every day. There’s always a tendency to take your job for granted.

That’s what happened to me. I got almost kicked out of my old job. The good thing is I was given a chance to stay. 


4.  Thinking the grass is (always) greener on the other side.


There is a problem with the idea of a perfect job and a perfect company. Of course, not all job-hoppers find themselves struggling to find new jobs, especially for the Call Center Agents in Manila (since the demand is so high, at least for now!)

That was my mindset back then…

While I assumed that frequently changing jobs hasn’t affected my career, the truth is that the lack of loyalty hinders my ability to succeed. There was even a time that I was having a hard time getting a job because I kept on moving from one company to another and it was showing a negative reputation on my part. 


5. Wanting too much, too quickly.


I was also a victim of this wrong mentality. I prioritized more on working for money, benefits, monetary rewards and even wanting badly to get a promotion because of that. Wrong drive, incorrect motive. Of course, it did not end well. It got me into trouble a couple of times. 


6. Lying.


Trust, honor, and honesty are key elements to the concept of integrity. In the workplace, employees that act with integrity will always tell the truth, are accountable and reliable, and treat coworkers and customers with respect.  

As for me, I failed many times in this area in the past. I just realized now that those absences I’ve made pretending I was sick or making-up stories because I was already late has already tampered with my integrity at work. I know you can relate. 


7. Not being honest with myself.


It’s easy to see why people lie to others: to keep their jobs, to avoid an argument, to protect their reputation, or to make excuses. It’s wrong. Period. 

Lying to ourselves, also, happens quite often. We convince ourselves that we really need that new gadget, that we made a wise financial choice, or everything is fine (when it isn’t).


8. Blaming others.


One of the first lessons I learn as a child is how to take responsibility for my actions. Rather than blaming a misdeed on someone else, I was taught to accept the result of my actions as part of living an honest life.  I wasn’t a team-player back then. When things happen against me and since I only had shallow relationships with my colleagues, I could easily point my finger. 


9. Burning bridges.


Little did I know that those people I worked with, play a substantial role in my life today. However, I already disconnected some of those good friendships for simply a lack of effort. While we may think our paths won’t ever cross with an old boss or officemates with whom we had once worked, it’s likely that they will.


10. Being unprofessional on social media. 


I wasn’t that careful before and all I thought was that I could say anything on social media. It was a tough lesson for me that I almost lost my job because of certain job-related information that I shouldn’t post on Facebook. 


11.  Staying in my comfort zone. 


There were many times that I was challenged by my bosses to step-up and to lead but I did not take a chance because I was so afraid to take a risk and go an extra mile. I missed out on so many opportunities to prove more my value at work because of that. 


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November 22, 2020

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