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15 Signs na Kinain Ka na ng Mundo ng Trading


Ask a Pinoy Stock Market trader and he would tell you that trading in the PH market is unique and fun. It has its own world. It even has its own dialect as you can see in various social media groups and communities.

Kaya madami ang na-hooked sa mundo ng stock trading. Ikaw din ba?


1. You can’t help but get excited whenever you hear or see the words “stock market.”

2. No budget for expensive gadgets but you always have buying power for your favorite stocks.

3. You use trading expressions like CAVEAT, BOBO (Buy on Breakout), & FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) during casual conversations.

5. You watch The Wolf of Wall Street, Pursuits of Happiness, and The Big Short a hundred times.

6. You talk about support and resistance like you know them by heart.

7.You are trading your virtual portfolio like a boss.

8. You look for some stock market merchandise because you feel too proud to wear them.

9.You can’t patiently wait for the next Monday morning to begin the trading hours.

10. You find it hard to do other things other than trading.

11. Your heart breaks when your internet connection is bad and you can’t trade!

12. Every office break, you don’t fail to check your stock portfolio.

13. The last ex-girlfriends you have had were the recent losing stocks you gave-up.

14. You are burned a number of times but you keep on coming back.

15. Your biggest dream is to go to Wall Street to feed your stock trader feels!


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November 27, 2020

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