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About Us

Welcome to StocksEd
Digital Courses

Stocks-Ed was created to address common challenges of Filipinos in learning about proper stock market investing/trading. In Stocks-Ed, our courses have/are:

Who We Are

Our team consists of experienced stock market investors/traders and professionals who are passionate advocates of financial education for Filipinos. We trust that lifting our country's financial literacy and making Filipinos better stewards of their money will make us a better country. In God's grace, our vision is to make Filipinos' quality of life better through financial and stock market education.

Our Educators

Arnel Pepito, ESS

Arnel is a licensed stockbroker and portfolio manager at Eastern Securities in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Aside from giving free stock market education regularly, he also guides men on personal and spiritual growth.

Charlotte "Chi" Turk

Chi is an experienced corporate fundamental and financial analyst. Some of the companies she worked with are listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. She is also a passionate advocate of empowering consumers to take responsibility and fight global warming.

Lloyd Bazar

Lloyd is a financial educator who has a big number of loyal followers through his passion in educating Filipinos about the financial market and personal finance. He is also a leader in projects and businesses that aim to help fishermen and people in the Visayas region.

What We Do

We create high quality digital courses for Filipinos to learn about proper personal finance and stock market investing/trading. Our courses are built by a course designer, young animators, and video editors

With its design and content quality, you'd be surprised to know that these courses were built during the COVID-19 lockdown and with almost zero physical meeting! Even Chi and Lloyd did their videoshooting by themselves. We find ways to educate Filipinos about stocks and personal finance in this new normal.

Take a Look at Our Services

High-quality Courses

We offer carefully designed step-by-step digital courses to educate and guide you on your stock market journey.

Personal Finance Coaching

We partner with financial educators and investors to provide FREE coaching on handling finances.

Portfolio Management

We have a profressional licensed fund manager whom we will refer you to if you prefer to have one.

Live Webinars

We conduct live sessions for our learners to upskill them in the stock market and personal finance.

Exclusive mentoring

We have highly-qualified educators who can help you if you prefer a one-to-one learning.

Talks and seminars

You may invite us to share stock market knowledge with your organization, school, or company.

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