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This course gives you easy-to-understand explanation of what the stock market is, why it is an ideal vehicle to build and grow your wealth, and how you can start to earn through investing or trading, the Filipino way!

After completing this course, you will feel confident to start your stock market investment journey in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

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  1. 5

    Super helpful for me i just hope i learn this beforehand sana malaki na ipon ko 😥 Thank you for helping me 😍😍😍

  2. 5

    gives me beautiful and positive mindset! naiinspire ako lalo magipon thanks to this course!!

  3. 5

    Brief and concise, engaging and entertaining. Madaling idigest ang yung content since it provided short quizzes to test your understanding and practical exercises na enjoyable din.

  4. 5

    It is easy to understand and really taught me a lot, thank you so much

  5. 5

    Good Material for people who are starting their financial journey and in entering the stock market journey.

  6. 5

    Learning made easy! I really love how they made the lesson clear and comprehensible.

  7. 5

    Very helpful for beginners and engaging

  8. 5

    So many useful information and also understandable!!

  9. 5

    Great content! happy mode ka lang while watching! dami mo agad matutunan!

  10. 5

    Thank you po dito🥰 it’s easy to understand kahit 1 min lang yung mga vids, direct to the point halata pong pinaghandaan talaga💖.Sobrang laking tulong po talaga ng course na to lalo na sa mga nahihirapan aralin at bagohan palang dito. Salamatt po sa effort, we appreciate it🥺.

  11. 5

    Awesome Course. Very easy to understand and digest. Appreciate the effort exerted in making the animations.

  12. 5

    Thank you StocksEd Team for a job well done in helping all of the current and/or future Kapayamans.

  13. 5

    Thank you stocks ed sa knowledge about sa stock dami ko pong natutunan thank you

  14. 5

    Awesome! Ang galing. Dami ko natutunan. 😍

  15. 5

    Very informative and this helped me a lot especially that i am a newbie and has a little knowledge about investing. Thank you! ♥️

  16. 5

    The course is very interactive and encouraging even if you are still a minor! The lessons are explained in Taglish or in simple English with illustrations, activities, and short quizzes. It’s a great start for anyone and everyone!

  17. 5

    Very Helpful and glad that it’s interactive, makes it more fun and exciting to learn. Very easy to understand and learned a lot 🙂

  18. 5

    Very informative. Short and simple lessons madaling intindihin. Looking forward to start investing. Thank you!

  19. Clear and Informative


    Hi! This really helps me. It clearly answered my basic and few comprehensive questions about stock market, investing and trading through step by step interactive presentations. Highly recommended. Thanks you

  20. Clear and Informative


    Hi! This really helps me. It clearly answered my basic and few comprehensive questions about stock market, investing and trading through step by step interactive presentations. Highly recommended. Thank you

  21. 5

    A very helpful guide 💯 Thank You!

  22. 5

    Thank you so much sa free course ❤️ Taglish is very helpful and easier kong naintindihan. Salamat for the knowledge and nakaka excite na matuto ulit ❤️

  23. 5

    Thank you so much for this free course.. I learned a lot and it is very easy to understand

  24. 5

    Very informative and well explained.
    Helps me a lot to understand the stock market.

  25. 5

    Thank you so much for this free course, and for making it Taglish. Mas madali ko na intindihan what Stock Market is. God bless! ♥

  26. 5

    This site is very beneficial for someone who wants to study investing and trading but doesn’t know where to start. It also offer contextualized information which greatly helps people who aren’t that comfortable using English language. Overall, this is a great site. Kudos to the creators and everyone who is involved with the creation of StocksEd.

  27. 5

    Sobrang helpful, sobrang daming learnings na I’m sure maaapply ko in my future plans in investing. Thankyou so much Stocks- Ed, more power!

  28. 5


  29. Very helpful and educational!


    I really learned a lot especially that I planned on skipping all the other necessary processes before knowing about this course and go straight to trading/investing. I am glad to have been able to take this course. Now I am more aware of the things that I should do to start investing/trading. The whole course is very educational especially for someone like me who has little to no knowledge about this yet wants to try and learn this while I am still young. Thanks a lot!

  30. Great for people who wants a refresher


    sobrang easy to understand yung content ng modules. and magandang modules to especially for experienced investors and traders to refresh themselves every now and then! God Bless Stocks Ed!

  31. Beginner Friendly


    Im new to the stock market, and having this free and user friendly module helped me a lot.

  32. 5

    What a way to Educate the youth into early financial literacy! Never a dull moment with any of the slides presented. Kudos to the team who created this. I even shared this course to my younger cousins (18-20s y/o) ‘coz I find this pretty cool and straightforward, and I will continue to share your FB page, website, and courses to my other friends. Such an enticing and delightful way of learning stocks with Stocks-Ed! Keep it up!

  33. 5

    Thank you so much for this free course. This is very helpful to those who want to learn about stock market, investment, trades and such. God bless you

  34. 5

    indeed wonderful, an easy to understand and very informative way to introduce the stock market,

  35. 5

    matagal ko na talaga gusto matuto mag invest sa stock market or maging trader in the future hehe, isa to sa nag bigay sakin ng daan para matuto! thank you StocksEd 🙂

  36. Informative


    Very informative and taglish siya para for better understanding. Good job po. And salamat dami ko po natutunan

  37. 5

    Very informative po tsaka nakakatulong lahat ng info, may follow up quizzes pa for better understanding. I like it how you introduce us to prioritize our personal funds first and not risking it all to investment. This is not just about the info on how to invest but to how financially decide our funds.

  38. 5


  39. The best!


    This material is perfect for beginners who don’t have any idea about stocks but are interested. If you don’t know where to start, this is the perfect material for you. This course explained everything that I want to know in a very comprehensive and entertaining manner. I learned a loooot! Thank you Stocks-Ed! More power!

  40. 5

    Super informative and perfect! Thank you so much StocksEd! On to the next course!

  41. 5

    I’m a virtual learner. I super enjoyed this free online course about stock market. You deliver the informations in easy, fun way and not boring. Taglish is really effective to teach stock market. Thanks to Pia, a 16 year old trader. Sa kanya ko nalaman itong website na ito. Thank you! plan ko iavail yung ibang course.

  42. Re-Study


    I cant repeat the free course?

  43. 5

    Thank you again for the wonderful free course. I learned a lot and I can’t wait to learn more and start to trade. Looking forward to meeting the people behind this learning platform ❤️ May God bless all of you. To God be the Glory!

  44. 5

    Thank you, StocksEd for this well organized and very informative free course. Super nakaka encourage to learn more about trading and investing through your platform.

  45. 5

    Thank you for the free course! It was a big help to us especially for me before entering the stock market. I gain additional understanding about stocks 🙂

  46. 5

    It was a great short course, I really love the animations & how simple they explain each of the topic.

  47. 5

    Grabe!! Dami ko natutunan. Tagalog na and may animation pa. Ang dabest, libre pa!! Thanks po!!

  48. 5

    Thank you, StockEd. This free course was very informative and life-changing. God bless.

  49. 5

    This free course was very informative and life-changing. Thank you, and God bless StockEd.

  50. 5

    The free course was very helpful for beginners because of the detailed lessons and animations! Thank you for making this lifesaver course!

  51. 5

    Sobrang solid nito! Promise! Sobrang worth it! Walang oras na nasayang saken, sa bawat lessons hindi pwedeng wala kang matututunan. Mas nakaka enjoy pang aralin ‘to kesa sa module ko eh. Salamat ng marami StocksEd! Nag iipon na ako para sa susunod na course hehehe! Peace out! More POWER!!!

  52. 5

    Eto yung course na masasabi mong high quality and at the same time very understandable for the newbies tapos FREE, san ka pa? Sobrang daming learnings from this course. Highly recommended.

  53. Game Changer


    This is one of the platform that taught me about investing. And it was very newbie friendly. By the way, I like their animation, it bring life to the context of investing. I was able to learn a lot. Thanks Stocks-Ed❤️. Let’s go team yayaman!

  54. Game Changer


    This is one of the platform that taught me about investing. And it was very newbie friendly. By the way, I like their animation, it bring life to the context of investing. I was able to learn a lot. Thanks Stocks-Ed. Let’s go team yayaman!

  55. 5

    Sobrang dami kong natutuhan but i want to learn more i hope there is more free course

  56. 5

    Organized kaya madali lang maintindihan. Sobrang helpful nito.

  57. 5

    Very information and extremly helpful!!!

  58. 5

    I’ve learned a lot from this course and very accommodating for beginners who don’t actually know the stock market works, VERY INFORMATIVE and so nice because it explained very well. thanks Stocks Ed <3

  59. 5

    Sobrang helpful for beginner like me and the way they make it simple makes it very easy to understand.

  60. 5

    Very helpful for a beginners like me, with taglish explanations it makes me easy to understand. Keep it up kapayaman!

  61. 5

    Very informative for a free course.

  62. 5

    Organized kaya madali lang maintindihan. Sobrang helpful nito.

  63. Excellent


    It is a great way of learning investing, trading, financial management, the stock market since it is very understandable and direct to the point ang mga explanation na easily to grasp. Tsaka maganda ang sequencing and napaka organized to which help me to understand the lesson easily. Thank you so much!

  64. 5

    Super helpful and detailed po ng free course niyo ang dami ko pong natutunan. I’m glad I found StocksEd po, will also recommend this to my friends! You guys are the best, thank you so much <3

  65. 5

    Very informative and easy to understand.

  66. 5

    Great source for fundamental learning in stock market!

  67. 5

    Great venue to learn about stock market! Sobrang clear. Highly recommended

  68. 5

    Very helpful and easy to understand. I gain knowledge about the stock market!

  69. Thank you so much!!


    You will learn A LOT in this course. All the lessons were made easy-to-understand and I am telling you, you do not want to miss out on this one. SUPER SULIT ang time mo plus it’s FREE!

  70. 100% Worth Your Time!


    Thank you so much for offering this course for free! I recently turned 18. Though I do not have any source of income right now, I want to educate myself when it comes to personal finance and the stock market as early as now so I know how to handle my own money when I eventually enter the work force. More power to you, StocksEd!

  71. 5

    Thank you for the free course guide. It was very easy to understand and beginner-friendly. Madaming matutunan kahit short lang and course.



    This is one of a kind opportunity for Pinoys that really want to have knowledge of the stock market. I do have a bit of knowledge about the stock market but after taking this course I gained the bits that I missed in my other class before. Thank you for this opportunity Stocksed! More power to all of you. Thank you Ms. Pia from TikTok, without her I may not have the knowledge of this free course.


  73. 5

    very interesting like me as newbie ….

  74. my school


    very interesting like me as a newbie in stock market

  75. 5

    Very SMART course. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bounded. It was fun learning how to invest and trade because of the interactive presentation. It was motivating to learn about stock market and eventually earn from stock market because of Stock Ed. Thank you for this wonderful course.

  76. 5

    Very concise and marami akong natutunan! Recommended lalo na sa mga zero knowledge and naghahanap ng easy to follow tutorials.

  77. 5

    Thank you for this! Congrats sa motion graphics artist. Ang witty ng concept and it’s a very nice way to promote your other courses. Sana may discount jk haha God bless you all! #pawermall #plackpink #killthisstocks



    Learned a lot with the lesson, especially that it is super interactive. Content and Presentation-wise, it really conveyed its message clearly. Really recommended for beginners like me, claiming for financial literacy for all of us Filipinos!

  79. 5

    Great course! easy to understand and very helpful.. now I have a better understanding with stock market… I want to continue to the premium course 🙂

  80. 5

    Thanks for all the useful information! It really helped me a lot! :)) God Bless :))

  81. Stock Market 101


    First, thank you Stocks-Ed for doing this kind of lecture, you help a lot people especially for the beginner. I learned a lot from this course. Second, the content is so good and understandable and good job cause it’s taglish. Lastly, it’s very useful and the content are good quality.
    God bless all your heart. Continue on doing this.

  82. Beginner Friendly ❤️


    Super helpful niya for starters and beginners! They make complicated ideas simple through concepts and the mini quizzes after some concepts are great for interactive studying. Since Taglish din, madali maintindihan and nakakarelate because they’re making it easy to understand by using simple terms 😉 Looking forward to try your paid courses soon, I know they’re superb worth it. I’m 17 and starting to invest in myself in learning!

  83. Kudos!


    As a clueless young adult who’s trying to figure out the how tos in stock market, this course really helped me out a lot. Thank you, StocksEd!

  84. 5

    Great content and super interactive! I had a lot of fun taking this course and definitely learned a lot at the same time. The medium used was Taglish which helped us understand the lessons easily. I hope this could reach and inspire young people like me to step up their game and start their financial journey 🙂 Thank you so much for this, StocksEd!

  85. 5

    I’ve always been wanting to learn more about stock market but I’ve always felt intimidated sa ibang online courses and videos — except this one. Thank you so much for very elaborate and easy-to-understand lectures. Looking forward to your other online courses and webinars. Thank you, StocksEd! 🙂

  86. 5

    The course is very easy to understand. It has short videos and short quizzes, which makes it not boring at all. I really enjoyed learning about stock market!

  87. Nice course especially for newbie


    Very nice course. Magandang course lalo na sa mga newbie kasi hindi siya boring at hindi rin overwhelming ang info 😁😁

  88. Great for interested beginners


    The infographics makes the presentations lively while interactive examples & quizzes ensures that the lesson is being fully understood.

  89. Juicy!


    As a beginner at willing na matuto sa stock market, this course can teach you alot! Napakadaming mapipiga sa course na to. Thank you StocksEd for this! God bless.

  90. Very helpful and informative


    this course will give you understanding about your finances and give you some overview of stocks.

  91. StocksEd



  92. Very educational and easy to understand


    I learned a lot from this. It is indeed educating and engaging for a free course. Thank you so much, StocksEd and God bless

  93. 5

    I learned a lot about financial stuff, thank you so much and God bless you all

  94. 5

    I’m one of the many Filipinos who are financially illiterate before I happened to watch this course. Dati no matter how much we earn sa family, walang pinatutunguhan ang kita namin dahil kung saan saan lang nauubos. I can say that because of this course, I have financial direction in my mind. Although nasa simula pa lang, at least may direksyon na hindi tulad dati na nauubos sa kung saan saan ang pera. I have clearer financial goals and clearer path on how to get it. Hope more Filipinos can learn this early in their lives. Thank you so much for this free course StocksEd! Looking forward to learn more. God bless everyone behind this platform.

  95. 5

    This course made me understand a lot of things especially in managing my finances. It also taught me about the different ways in making my money work for me through investing/trading. Thank you so much and God bless kapayamans!!!

  96. 5

    Mabilis maintindihan kase taglish. Very informative and I enjoy this course. I learned and entertained at the same time. Thank you for this free course.

  97. 5

    Very informative and helpful for beginners like me.

  98. 5

    I would also like to thank the efforts behind this free course because it really helps us to fully understand the topics that we want to learn. God bless StocksEd!

  99. Superb course!


    You weren’t lying when you said this was an easy-peasy course to understand and that this was made for Filipinos. Definitely will share this to my friends. Much love for StocksEd!

  100. 5

    I’m very grateful that you offer this kind of course and for free. Very informative and easy to understand, all points are well-explained. This has answered most of my questions regarding stock market investment. Thank you StocksEd! May we all have a successful financial journey ahead.

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