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How to trade like a Girl and Why You Should Too


Choosing a stock with great potential is like a girl who is looking for “The Right Guy”. There could be a hidden checklist she needs to think about. Women are maybe the most unpredictable creatures on the planet but that thing called the “girl thing” is your ace to become successful in trading. Bonus feature: After reading this, baka magkaka-lablyf ka na din…


Current Earnings.

There are four quarters annually that companies are giving-out their earnings report to the public. Choose a stock that its profit earnings are accelerating and growing.

In a nutshell, parang manliligaw mo lang yan, dapat consistent… Hindi yung tipong lulubog,lilitaw! Yung hindi pa-fall, yung hindi ka iiwan at maiipit ka na lang sa ere. Opps, hugggggot!


Annual Earnings.

Choose a stock that is having positive yearly earnings for the last 5 years. The same thing above, earnings should be increasing. Besh, dapat may well track record. Yung habang tumatagal, lalong nag-effort at mas nagiging romantic.

Yung kaya kang ipag-igib ng tubig at pagsilbihan ng mahabang panahon. Nakita mo na ba siya? Kung nandyan na, itali mo na at agad pakasalan. Joke!



Dapat may bago. Ang potential na magiging jowa ay dapat daw palaging may pasabog araw-araw. Yung ngayon bigay sayo bag na LV, bukas Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin Bag naman. ganern.

The same thing goes with stocks, a change of management, new products, new projects, or a new all-time high of its stock-price are good indicators that the company is doing well. It may also give people an idea that the leaders behind the company are serious about going to the next level and there’s something to look forward to. Investors will then take it as good news which can have positive results on the stock price.


Supply and Demand.

Madali lang ibig sabihin nyan, there are great potentials on smaller and new companies. Ganito kasi yun, since they are still growing, these companies have smaller outstanding shares, unlike bigger firms. They are called small-cap stocks. Kung pag-aagawan ng mga buyers, the stock price would usually sky-rocket kasi kunti lang ang supply, and the demand is increasing.

Sounds familiar? Si “The One” parang ganyan. Small but terrible, pa-humble effect pero may ibubuga na man pala.



Hindi naman ibig sabihin na siya ay pabida. Innate na talaga kay Mr. Right ang pagiging productive. Result-oriented at siya may goal sa buhay. Kung siya pipiliin mo, siguradong may mararating ka talaga. He will always strive to be the best among the rest!

Parang sa stock market lang yan, the leaders of the industry are always people’s all time favorite. These stocks are always attractive to investors. Kapag sinabi kong mall, ano ba ang una mong maiisip? SM, diba? Kung sinabi kong chicken joy, tiyak Jollibee agad isasagot mo. Another thing is, a strong stock would take a short decline but will come back on its way upward. Ganun lang yun!


Institutional ownership.

Ay ito pa pala besh, the owners themselves, should own the majority of the company’s shares. Big financial institutions like huge banks, foreign firms, mutual fund companies, and other investment institutions should be limited to only 10 or more owning a large chunk of the company’s shares.

Mahirap nga naman kung madami kang kaagaw. Kalimutan mo na si ex, na-pang number 11 ka lang.Ouch!


Market Direction.

Kahit gaano pa kaganda ang stock kung bagsak ang market, it may tell you a similar story. Invest when the stock is about to go up or it is already going-up. Kaya besh, siguraduhin mo na yung manliligaw mo ay may direksyon sa buhay. He should be that person who would always challenge you to grow and will help you all the way up.



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November 23, 2020

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