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Warning Signs that a Person is already “Mukhang-Pera”

There is a thin line between money and greed. Dapat lagi tayong aware sa mga bagay na pwede tayong masilaw sa pera. Our goal is to make money pero dapat hindi mabago ang ating mga sarili dahil sa pera.


Mga Kapayamans, mag mag heart-check muna tayo. Ano ba ang mga warning signs? 


1. Super stingy na wala sa lugar.


Kapag subra na, ibang usapan na yan. Do not compromise relationships over money. Do not dive into dishonesty only for personal gain. Sabi nga ni Warren Buffet; “Honesty is very expensive, you can’t expect it from cheap people”. 

The bible also states huge warning signs; “Dishonest money dwindles away but whoever gather money little by little makes it grow”– Proverbs 13:11


2. Showing-off through humble bragging.


Tama! mag-ipon ka lang in silence and no need to advertise it. That’s exactly what “humble-bragging” is. Your main focus should be building your financial life. Concentrate on your goal.

You don’t have to judge others because they’re not doing what you’re doing. Mind your own business, ika nga…


3. You’ve slowly become selfish.


Frugality isn’t a bad thing; being careful with money is smart. However, if you refuse to use any money for important expenses or your family members are afraid to ask you for what they need or during emergencies, then you might be being too greedy with your money.

It is a reality check that everyone should be aware of. Kaya most of the time being kuripot has a negative connotation. The more we are blessed with good things, the more we should be generous.

2 Corinthians 9:7 ” Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”


4. Nag-iiba ang ugali.


Money is a great magnifier of true man’s nature and it will expose the real you. Totoo ang mga balitang naging halimaw na mga kapit-bahay, nung biglang yumaman. The bad attitude becomes worst and good people become more humble. Kaya dapat mas lalong maging mabait kung makaka angat na sa buhay.


5. Money is the only thing that makes you happy.


There were countless tragic stories in the past that comes from people who were able to become filthy rich but they have somehow forgotten to live real lives. Let me give you some examples and let’s go back and learn from history:

Jesse Livermore, the greatest trader in the world died in bankruptcy and committed suicide, Charles Swab one of the greatest Billionaires died broke with $300,000 in debt, and John D. Rockefeller, the richest man in modern history died depressed. Acquiring wealth should never be just our end goal.


6. Your world revolves around making money.


Puro ka na lang ka-cheng-kacheng!


Naalala ko tuloy si Mr. Krabs ng Spongebob. Don’t come to the point that you only work for money. The love of money is the root of all evil. Don’t let it control you, you should be the master above it. Remember that always. 


7. You’ve already lost all your relatives and friends.


Mahirap ka na daw lapitan sabi ng karamihan. Baka totoo nga na man. Andrew Carnegie says ” Millionaires seldom smile”. However, the bible says to use your money to gain friends for yourself. Your status should not drive people away from you. You can use it to help others, support a cause, and to do good things in the community.


8. Bukambibig mo palagi ang pera!


Teka nga, parang nakakasuya na. Madami pa na man pwedeng pag-usapan bukod sa pera like fun memories, o di kayay goals in life. Pwede din gawing topics ang mga intangibles such your inspirations and thoughts that make you happy. 


9. You’re basing your respect for people’s financial status.


You judge a person according to the clothes they’re wearing, appearance, house, and car. Sad to say madaming nakikita natin na mga taong ganito because we are living in a materialistic world. However, kailangan nating maging totoo sa pagbibigay ng respeto kahit anong status sa buhay. 


10. You always want to get more and never satisfied.


Greed has already taken over your life and it has totally consumed you. It is no more a financial defect, it is a heart issue. A person who wants everything every time will lose everything anytime.

A wise saying says; ” You can’t expect loyalty from people who would do anything for money”. John Rockefeller also said; ” If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it”.

 As long as you are going to keep away from these warning signs, your life would be a blessing to everyone, and making money will always be a blessing for you. 


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November 23, 2020

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