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Why People Who Marry Stock Investors End Up the Happiest

Stock Market investors remain mysterious people to this day. They are those who work behind the scene, smart, and special. Out of a small portion of 1% around us, there might be that person who could win one’s heart. 

Investors are selfless, loving, and persistent. They don’t just live for themselves. That’s why people who marry stock market investors or traders end up the happiest. Here are some of the fantastic reasons why they are worth the shot.


1. Stock market investors are patient.


Investing is not all about money. The most important thing is the value of the journey they get on waiting. They are believers in the significance of discipline and avid fans of delayed-gratification. They strain really hard to burn their candles at both ends on what they do, and they will go an extra mile to understand their significant others also. 

Stock Market goes up and down, a roller coaster ride, that only means that they can handle your mood-swing, too. They will never run away from a bad day!


2. An investor is a good listener.


The market has taught him how to be humble and to listen well at all times. Those countless failures and sleepless nights have built him from the inside-out. You can count on him to intentionally listen to you. He knows when to talk and when to stay silent, when to overwhelm you with attention and when to give you space. You’ll definitely be sweet music to his ears. 


3. Investors are not afraid to be vulnerable. 


They have gone through different seasons in life. They have experienced huge losses and also been at their lowest. Investors and traders are in tune with their emotional side. 

Every battle-scar has given them the strength to expose their weakness, to give up a fight if they need to. There’s nothing more courageous than accepting shortcomings and facing them instead. Being vulnerable is beautiful and being susceptible to failure is bravery. 


4. You have pretty much chosen a superhero.


You don’t need Superman with all his glory because you might have already chosen a superhero. They could be very far compared to the knight of a shining armor you dreamed of, but they have been fighting their own war.

Investors are on a mission. They want to be at their best, make a difference in their own ways and somehow, change the world for the better. A rare combination of passion and grit.


5. They always see the bright side.


They bring a different perspective on what life really is. They always see the glass half full, their positive energy can fit in any situations thrown at them. They are constantly working towards bigger goals. Each accomplishment gives them the motivational high they need to reach the next one. It’s their nature to be very passionate about everything they value. 


6. They have an immense amount of knowledge.


Chances are they will overwhelm you with so much information. Don’t fret. They are just obsessed to learn more and those books have been their long-time best friends. The stories, triumphs, and troubles they will share with you will teach you more about their world and you’ll soon appreciate it.

The endless supply of creative ideas from them is a great input for you to understand things deeper. It’s your window to see the bigger world. They are self-driven, they don’t get bored easily and they know how to keep things interesting. They bring out the best in you while giving you the best of themselves. 


7. Life with an investor is never boring.


Every day is a new day and nothing is wasted. He will teach you something new because he understands that life can be boring if you stop learning from each other. He has tonnes of crazy stories to keep you laughing for a lifetime. 

Brace yourself from his corniest jokes, expect some late night deep talks, and set your mind for a fun adventure. He’ll make your soul chuckle and your young heart giggle.


8. Investors know what they want.


Investors have a great sense of purpose and they live to achieve. They begin with the end in mind and they will do everything to be a better version of themselves. They are bound by principles which makes them stand and fight no matter what happens. When they commit, they stick to it because it’s more than just a word, it’s bigger than them.


9. He knows your real worth and value.


He knows that you are more than anything. You are the very reason why he wakes up early in the morning and goes to sleep late at night. For him, you are more than for the long-term, you are worth holding for eternity. In tough times, he knows how to hold on to what’s important. Even if the market challenges and downturns, he never gives up.

He is undeniably persistent and will consistently find ways to touch your heart, every single day. He values money, time, and most especially- YOU.


10. And lastly, they think and care about you more than you may know. 


Investors are selfless. They will put you first without a doubt. They love without expecting anything in return on things that matter most. They just want to see you happy and fill your life with love and joy.

Above all, people who marry investors and traders choose a person who knows how to love, how to give, how to prioritize their lifetime partner, no matter what.


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November 23, 2020

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